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<warlock> Handlock



The deck i used to Hit legend in test season 4.

If you want to talk to me about the deck or any questions,or you want to play against you can add me at Isokaas#1675.

Cards that are usually in handlock that aren't in my deck.

Lord Jaraxuss- I use to run both Jaraxuss and Alexstrasza but they both get stuck in your hand to much and i don't even think Jaraxuss is that good of a card, specially if you are versing a lot of aggro which i was.

Mulligan- Against Control decks you want Mountain Giants and Twilight drakes or try and get an ancient watcher and ironbeak owl combo. Put back everything else besides these 4 cards.

Against aggro decks- Try and get any taunts and earthen ring farseer for heals and keep moltan giants. Also against aggro decks try not to life tap at all. Put back mountain giants because there is a pretty slim chance you will be able to play it. Most important thing in aggro match ups is to get a shadowflame. If you are able to get a twilight drake or an ancient watcher on board most likely you can wipe the entire board by turn 4 with the shadowflame. Against hunter i would also keep the mortal coil because all of their minions have 1 health.

Finisher- With three cards in this deck you can do 20 damage on turn 10. Play Leroy and power overwhelming it and then you can faceless it for 20 damage. If you have to you can use the faceless and power overwhelming in other situations like i discussed above.  

If you have any questions feel free to ask. 


EDIT: Removed one Hellfire for a faceless. 

EDIT2: removed ooze and cairne for a sylvanas and x1 mortal coil.

EDIT3: Now that hunters are nerfed and i see a lot less of them on the ladder i went back to my old deck. I took out x1 mortal coil,sylvanas, alexstraza, and x1 ironbeak owl in exchange for a bloodmage thalnos, x1 soulfire, x1 shadowbolt and another faceless manipulator. I made these changes to improve in the mirror matches and to help beat the uprising of the shamans.

Legendary Handlock